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The "Not So and Sos"

The "Not So and Sos"

Occasionally, I bump into actual famous people at casinos. Like the time I literally bumped into (and bounced off of) Yasiel Puig in the pizza line at Horseshoe Cincinnati. Orel Hershiser was throwing heat in the 2/5 NL game that night too.

Usually, it's the Not So and Sos... Because we have to entertain ourselves in the poker room sometimes.

It all started a couple years back when "Not Brad Pitt" graced us with his presence at Horseshoe Cincinnati (now Jack Cincinnati Casino). 


The resemblance set off a persistent exchange among friends. The likenesses shared have ranged from the uncanny to the caricature or faux.


I met "Not David Mayfield" at the Daytona Beach Racing and Card Club.


Sitting beside "Not Robert Turner" gave me chills. It was a short session.


Sports fans will enjoy "Not Wayne Rooney" and "Not Broadway Joe" who was spotted classing up Bally's Las Vegas.


I launched this site to share my journey with an audience that I hope finds it entertaining and insightful, layer accountability into my poker and trading goals and build content just in case my story becomes book-worthy... Capital is my accelerant. Helping is easy  click through my referral link when you Shop at Amazon.com!


Yes. "Not Keanu Reeves."


Perhaps Madonna was on the mind of "Not Sean Penn."


One of my favorite actors AND Not So and Sos... "Not Steve Buscemi."

Yes, this pastime borders on creepy - taking pictures of people, without them knowing, to pair them with celebrities and share with friends... If you find yourself on this or a future installment of The Not So and Sos, and would like the image removed, I'll gladly take it down and delete the files. Email your request to jay@xdaystogo.com.

Maybe next time I'll include myself with Barry Gibb, my most popular "you look like so and so" lately, or Richard Chamberlain or 70's Eric Clapton...

Lead and other celebrity images source: Google Search. Assuming Creative Commons license until I learn otherwise. Modified.
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