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The "Not So and Sos" Return

The "Not So and Sos" Return

Last week, the quest for capital and momentum continued in the poker room at Hollywood Casino Columbus.

In three days, I played 22.5 hours of 1/2 NL and about 7 hours in one ($85 buy-in) tournament that I busted in 6th out of 113 entries. Poker profits totaled $1,295 versus trip expenses south of $100, but despite the relatively smooth run, I looked again to The Not So and Sos for entertainment during the poker grind.

On Thursday, while running deep in the $5k guaranteed, I battled "Not Todd Alquist." His unpredictable style, like that of his onscreen counterpart, made him a formidable foe. He told me on Saturday that he ended up chopping 1st and 2nd. gg "Not Todd!"


"Not Jason Biggs" was also making moves at the final two tables. Shannon Elizabeth was no where in sight.


Hollywood's Break the Bank High Hands promo was ramping up on Friday. "Not Jason Segel" had his eyes on the prize.


"Not Greg Oden," who might also be a former Buckeye, was solid and stoic.


Every half hour during the morning and night sessions on Saturday, the poker room was running $1,000 high hands. So much money that Spike Lee showed up. That is Spike Lee, right?


"Not General Zod" wasn't having any of the soft promo play -- one regular (player) raised two limpers to $15, I called with the 7c6c and Zod made it $60 to go from the small blind (taking down the pot preflop).


I didn't run into "Not Timir Patel" again this trip, but I couldn't exclude him from this Columbus edition of The Not So and Sos.


If you find yourself on this or a future installment of The Not So and Sos, and would like the image removed, I'll gladly take it down and delete the files. Email your request to jay@xdaystogo.com.

Lead and other celebrity images source: Google Search. Assuming Creative Commons license until I learn otherwise. Modified.
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