I play poker and trade options, seeking edges from study, reflection and analytics.

Quick Report

Quick Report

There won’t be a long-form quarterly report for October to December 2017, but I’ll bullet my news and tie up a few loose ends.

My car sold just after Thanksgiving...

With the newfound liquidity, I was able to fund a new trading account and restart that effort. The bulk of this site’s content in 2018 should appear at /trades.

Not surprisingly, it also helped my poker game and results. I expect to travel and play more in the coming months and pay off my remaining debt. I won’t have much when it’s gone, but I’m excited by building on a foundation that isn’t sinking.

I spent a chunk of time in December consolidating, digitizing, reducing, selling and recycling all my superfluous possessions. Less paper, storage and waste. Fewer unproductive mental cycles. Greater flexibility. Remembering earlier versions of me and those who’ve shared my life.

I finally got up to speed on the crypto space. I amassed a burst coin war chest (worth a couple hundred bucks) and plan to build a small portfolio of cryptoassets. However, I think BTCUSD is heading to $10,600 before the market figures out a new direction.

I conversed with Mark Yusko on Twitter about Bitcoin, and the original tweet amassed over 3,000 views!

I hate to mention it, but HP still sucks. After ordering 5 computers and receiving/ returning 3, they don’t have a system I want to try. At the moment, I’m fighting to get my money back. Thankfully, I have access to a computer (and a vehicle) as I get everything sorted out.

As for this blog/ site, I’m not sure what it will look like in 2018. My focus in this new year is on consistency, productivity and deliverable speed. Trading, poker and consulting (hopefully). Long-form quarterly reports take too much time, but I will continue writing topically and as inspired. Further, I have plenty of content about challenges and wish to present more positive themes and developments. Those weighty blogs had their place, to organize/ share my thoughts, and give context and credibility to the long-term story, but onward!

This scene can be a wonderful life metaphor.

Let’s dock this ship!

Accessing Altcoins in 3 Steps

Accessing Altcoins in 3 Steps